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Well here we go! The all important info about the Young Voices concert!

To start with let’s deal with the timings!

We will be leaving school around mid day and take our buses over to the LG and eat our dinner on arrival. The children will rehearse from 2pm until 5pm when they will then have their tea. The children are expected back in their seats by 6pm and the show itself will start at 7pm. The concert itself will finish at 9:15pm when the audience will make their way home and once they have left the auditorium the children will be able to get back to the buses and return to school. I expect we will get back to school around 10:15 –10:30pm. All the children will return on the buses, there is no option to try and collect your child at the venue!

As you can see there are two meals which the children will need food for! Therefore each child will need enough food for two packed lunches and plenty of drinks to get through the day. If your child receives free school meals then a packed lunch will be provided but you will need to provide a packed tea for them. Sandwiches, fruit and snack items are all good. Sweets and E number filled snacks are not! With regards to drinks, water is the best option along with squash or juice. Fizzy drinks will not a: travel well and b: be good for the children’s voices. The children will need plenty to drink as singing for the length of time they will be is tiring work. The venue will not allow glass bottles in and I would prefer not to bring any food bits back so if you can ensure that everything is disposable (e.g. not lunch boxes or school water bottles) and packed in a plastic bag that would be appreciated.

The children are expected to wear their school uniform as the Young Voices people like all the choir to have white shirts on. The children can bring small LED style lights (not torches) which will create a starlight effect they do not need to bring any money as there is nothing for them to buy!

I think that covers everything but if you should have any questions then please feel free to drop the school an email or use the choir blog to get in touch with me directly (this letter will be posted there and you can comment on it to ask questions) which you will find online at choir.bljsblogs.net.

All the best and I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and a peaceful new year.

Mr G

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