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Cast Lists (so far!)

Choir Show.

Ok. About half way through the worst job in the world! Below are the current character lists for Olive and Matilda. This is not a complete list! There are more parts to be given out but I need to have seen the production of Matilda to know which parts are essential to the story line as well as having a better understanding of timings.

If you are not on this list please do not be disheartened or tempted to stop coming to choir/have a tantrum/start ignoring me! The parts for Fagin’s Boys as well as class members for Matilda are yet to be chosen.

Here we go:


Oliver: Aryan Misra/ +a.n.other

Dodger: Isabella Awang/Jas Cosgrove

Nancy:Annie Jenkins/Evie Awang

Fagin: Guest performer

Mr Bumble: Guest Performer


Parts to be decided:

2nd Oliver

Fagin’s Boys

Bill Sykes



Matilda: Mia Field/Qaliyah

Mr W: Henry Crane

Mrs W: Louisa VF

Miss Honey: Jenni Wesson/Martyna

Miss Trunchbull: Guest Performer

Barelinas: Lexie Mc, Jaymie LS

Miracle Children: Abigail Green, Mia Barnard, Dina Parmenter, Katy Howells (others to be added!)


Parts to be decided:

Classmates – eg Bruce, Lavender etc

Escapologist & Acrobat

Various parents for Miracle




Other parts will be ‘sorted’ after Easter and there are many ‘one song’ parts to sort!!

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