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Don’t panic! Choir will be back next term! I already have the songs for Young Voices and they’re sounding great! It’ll be complete Madness (now there’s a hint!)

The main point behind this post though is to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in the Oliver & Matilda shows last week. The performances were awesome! I was so proud of all the children (and staff) from those with major roles to those who gave it everything in support! You were all stars!

If anyone has photos or videos of the night that they can email me I’d greatly appreciate it. I’d like to put together a little AV presentation for the website and school TV system! You can mail me at gaskell.j1@welearn365.com

Big thanks to the parents for your continued support and we look forward to entertaining you further in the future.

Finally a big thank you and good luck to all the year 6 choir members who’ll be leaving us. I wish you all the best at your secondary schools and I hope to get the opportunity to see you taking part in even bigger shows.

As for now, I think we all deserve the summer break! Have a great 7 weeks and I’ll see you in September to prepare for Young Voices!

All the best,


Mr G

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