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Speak Brother video

Hi there everyone, I hope the summer holiday is treating you well. Fancy a day out being a pop star? Well Speak Brother are recording the video for When Lions Roar and are looking for the singers who helped record the track to appear, with their families, in the video.

It’s all happening on Saturday afternoon. If you’d like to take part drop me a line through gaskell.j1@welearn365.com and I’ll let you know the details.


Further news is that I have now got the tracks for Young Voices and they’re looking and sounding great. Can’t wait to get started on them with the BLJS Choir of 2015/16!

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  1. miri parmenter says:

    hey this is Miri Parmenter from last year i’m having a great time at school but miss the joys of choir and Boughton Leigh in general. cant wait to here more about what’s going on.

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