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Hi there,

Just a quick note to explain, for those who have not been before, how the whole Young Voices concert works. You should have received a letter last week with a ‘tickets order’ section and a permission slip (it also has other parts to do with t-shirts and torches, don’t worry about those) that needs to be completed and returned as soon as possible. As far as tickets are concerned you only need to purchase a ticket for anyone who is coming to watch the concert, not for the children taking part and the show we are taking part in is on the 15th January. Payment for the tickets is also required before we can place an order. I am intending to put the first ticket order in in two weeks.

We will be getting back to school, after the show, at around 10 – 10:30 pm and your child will need collecting at that point. If you are going to the show it is common for us to get back before you do! Don’t worry, we’ll wait with the children until they are collected!

A quick reminder that you can download all the words, backing tracks and dance moves for the show here!

I have also attached a copy of the ticket form below.

Ticket Form

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  1. Louise Harris says:

    Mr Gaskell,

    Could my daughter, Daisy Harris, who is in 3Deary please have another copy of the ticket order letter – she left her original at Jolly Brollies.

    Many thanks in advance
    Louise Harris

  2. Kelley Mawer says:

    Mr Gaskell,

    Could my son Korben Mawer 3Strong also get a copy the ticket order letter.


    Kelley Mawer

  3. Maxine Jennings says:

    Hi Mr Gaskell

    Can Elizabeth have a ticket form, she was poorly when they were given out. Ive tried to use the image above but it is not high enough resolution.

    • Mr Gaskell says:

      No problems. And thanks for the info about the res of the image. I’ll change to a pdf which should solve that problem. In the meantime I’ll sort a copy out for Elizabeth.

  4. Hayley Jordan says:

    Hello, could my child Dade Nuttall have a copy of the ticket letter please? I think he was off ill when they were handed out.

  5. Georgina says:

    Mr G,

    I am not sure what my welearn365 login so I figured that my only way to contact you would be this.Are there song words and tracks for the polar express with all the young voices tracks , dance moves and lyrics?Please could you try to find out my welear365 login , an tell me through BLJS blogs.net.Could you also tell me if the lyrics and tracks are with the young voices things.


    • Mr Gaskell says:

      Words for the Christmas stuff is now on the G-drive linked on the post. No dance moves for these, we’ll have to think of some!

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