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Hi there,

So tonight I handed out the ticket order forms for Young Voices. If your child/children have been before you’ll know the score but for all the new parents here’s the general info.

The members of the choir all have a place at the concert (we’re taking 60 this year!!!) so they will not need a ticket! If you (and any other members of your family) want to come to the concert then you will need to order tickets, using the form, through the school. All cheques should be made payable to the school and then we order the tickets for you. You’ll get them usually just after the Christmas break.

The concert itself is at the Genting Arena (for oldies like me that’s the new name for the NEC) near Birmingham airport on Wednesday 25th January. The event starts at 7pm with the audience being allowed into the arena from 6pm. You will need to make your own way there (often families get together to car share) the choir go via bus (a big thanks to the PTA for paying for that which makes the trip free for the Choir).

I’ll send out more information about times/food requirements etc as the event approaches, but the main thing to know for now is that the earlier we can get a ticket order in the better the seats the families will have. If you aren’t attending we still need the form filled in (minus ticket order) as a permission slip for taking the children.

If you have any further questions please feel free to either comment on this blog, contact me through the Friends and Parents of Boughton Leigh Junior School facebook page or email me directly on gaskell.j1@welearn365.com

I hope that answers most of your queries and look forward to taking our wonderful choir to another amazing event!


All the best


Mr Gaskell

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