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Almost time!

Hi there and a Happy New year to you all!

Well, we’re almost there! Young voices is happening on the 25th of January! The office are sorting out the tickets (the first batch have arrived we’re just waiting for the second batch before giving them out!)

So, what to do now? Well, some of the children haven’t bought permission slips in yet, which isn’t a major problem. I short note saying that it’s ok for them to go and giving us a contact number will do the trick!

We will be leaving school around mid day on the 25th and eating when we get to the Genting Arena, so please supply food and drink for your child/children. This should be in a plastic bag not in lunch boxes etc. The more that is disposable the better. The venue do not allow glass or cans into the arena so cartons and plastic bottles only please! Your little ones will need enough food to get them through the day! Often the ‘grazing’ approach is best! If your child receives free school dinners then we will supply a lunch but your child will need additional food and drink for tea!

Dress code is school uniform! We will remove jumpers when it comes to the show so shirts need to be white!

We should return to school around 10pm. All children will be collected from school (there is no chance of adults attending the gig collecting their child at the Genting….. I’ve seen other schools try and do this and it is carnage!) don’t worry if you’re at the event, we/I will wait for you to get back (no children will be allowed to walk home on their own!)

I’m sure there’s other stuff you need/want to know and I’ll send a letter out to you over the next week but please feel free to ask questions in the comments to this post!




Mr G


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  1. Yasmin Robinson says:

    Thanks. That all sounds great. Lucas is starting to get very excited now.

    You’ve probably got your helpers organised by now, but I just wanted to offer to come along on the coach of you still need another pair of hands.


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