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Young Voices 2018

Hello, how is the lyrics learning going? Well I hope.

I have¬† been contacted about the finer details of the trip and so thought I’d repost them here to keep everyone up to speed (I forget sometimes that this is the first Young Voices for some children and parents/carers!).

So, on the day,  we take the children and bring them back to school by coach. We usually set off around 12:30, eat at the venue (packed lunch and tea required), rehearse in the afternoon and perform in the evening. The show starts at 7pm with doors opening to the audience at around 6pm. Parents/carers/grandparents etc arrange their own transport (often car sharing). We get back to school around 9:45pm and will wait with children for them to be collected (no-one is allowed to walk home!!)

I have been asked before as to whether parents/carers can take their children home from the venue! The answer to that is no. Although I have witnessed some schools attempting this, the stresses, time delays and angst it causes far outweigh any perceived benefits. With 6 thousand children and 12-15000 audience members trying to exit the arena I’m sure you can understand that it is far more straightforward for us to get the kids back on the bus (after many, many head counts!) and return them to your care back at school.

If you have any other questions please do get in touch I’m always happy to respond.

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