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Young Voices 2018

Hello, how is the lyrics learning going? Well I hope.

I have  been contacted about the finer details of the trip and so thought I’d repost them here to keep everyone up to speed (I forget sometimes that this is the first Young Voices for some children and parents/carers!).

So, on the day,  we take the children and bring them back to school by coach. We usually set off around 12:30, eat at the venue (packed lunch and tea required), rehearse in the afternoon and perform in the evening. The show starts at 7pm with doors opening to the audience at around 6pm. Parents/carers/grandparents etc arrange their own transport (often car sharing). We get back to school around 9:45pm and will wait with children for them to be collected (no-one is allowed to walk home!!)

I have been asked before as to whether parents/carers can take their children home from the venue! The answer to that is no. Although I have witnessed some schools attempting this, the stresses, time delays and angst it causes far outweigh any perceived benefits. With 6 thousand children and 12-15000 audience members trying to exit the arena I’m sure you can understand that it is far more straightforward for us to get the kids back on the bus (after many, many head counts!) and return them to your care back at school.

If you have any other questions please do get in touch I’m always happy to respond.

Young Voices T-Shirts and stuff!

Hi there, I hope you are all enjoying learning the songs. As no-one has been in touch I’m presuming the gdrive link is working fine!


Right. So I have been asked about whether we are doing the t-shirts! I have put an order form for them (and other bits) on the drive, If you would like to buy a t-shirt (or other bits) please feel free to send the order in but do not feel you have to. The PTA usually do a special cap for the trip as a: a momento of the gig and b: a fantastic aid to helping us keep sight of them at the gig!


Young Voices 2018

It’s that time of year again! We’re starting prep for the Young Voices Concert 2018 which will be on January 10th 2018! Now, according to the diary, the 8th Jan is a training day so I’m going to have to be organised (those who know me, please stop laughing at that comment) and get everything in place before the Christmas break!

Your child should have received a copy of the words and a ticket order form. Can I make it clear that your child does not need a ticket to perform! Only people coming to watch need to order tickets! So, with that in mind, can I please ask that ticket order forms are completed and back in school (return them to the office!) by 16th October (the week before half term) so that we can get an order in before the break. If this is going to be difficult please let me know.

I have created a google drive for the children to access the words, backing tracks and dance moves which can be reached using the link below:

YV Gdrive

I’ll be putting information up on this blog as the weeks pass, but if you have any questions please feel free to contact me either by commenting on this blog or by email gaskell.j1@welearn365.com

Young Voices is a fantastic experience for the children and those who come to watch and I’m looking forward to taking this year’s choir to participate!

All the best


Mr Gaskell

Narrators words

Just posted a PDF version of the narrators words on the g drive click here to get it!

All colour coded!


Also I’ve put a copy of the cast list so far on the drive click here to explain who’s what! The narrators have sorted themselves out (other than Parmenter Senior & Junior who I put as leading out and closing out!)

Joseph words



Here are the words for the Joseph production! The file will also have the backing tracks for you to practice with!

Audition Time

It’s that time of year again! Here are two links to the tracks that we will be auditioning for parts. The ‘sheet’ will go up on Monday morning, fill it in if you fancy a go!

Good luck!


Young Voices 25th Jan Info

I didn’t manage to get to all the children today (a typically busy day) so, if you didn’t get a letter today you’ll get it tomorrow. But basically it looks like this:

Young Voices Info


Hope this all helps!


Mr G

Almost time!

Hi there and a Happy New year to you all!

Well, we’re almost there! Young voices is happening on the 25th of January! The office are sorting out the tickets (the first batch have arrived we’re just waiting for the second batch before giving them out!)

So, what to do now? Well, some of the children haven’t bought permission slips in yet, which isn’t a major problem. I short note saying that it’s ok for them to go and giving us a contact number will do the trick!

We will be leaving school around mid day on the 25th and eating when we get to the Genting Arena, so please supply food and drink for your child/children. This should be in a plastic bag not in lunch boxes etc. The more that is disposable the better. The venue do not allow glass or cans into the arena so cartons and plastic bottles only please! Your little ones will need enough food to get them through the day! Often the ‘grazing’ approach is best! If your child receives free school dinners then we will supply a lunch but your child will need additional food and drink for tea!

Dress code is school uniform! We will remove jumpers when it comes to the show so shirts need to be white!

We should return to school around 10pm. All children will be collected from school (there is no chance of adults attending the gig collecting their child at the Genting….. I’ve seen other schools try and do this and it is carnage!) don’t worry if you’re at the event, we/I will wait for you to get back (no children will be allowed to walk home on their own!)

I’m sure there’s other stuff you need/want to know and I’ll send a letter out to you over the next week but please feel free to ask questions in the comments to this post!




Mr G


Young Voices Ticket Order Forms

Hi there,

So tonight I handed out the ticket order forms for Young Voices. If your child/children have been before you’ll know the score but for all the new parents here’s the general info.

The members of the choir all have a place at the concert (we’re taking 60 this year!!!) so they will not need a ticket! If you (and any other members of your family) want to come to the concert then you will need to order tickets, using the form, through the school. All cheques should be made payable to the school and then we order the tickets for you. You’ll get them usually just after the Christmas break.

The concert itself is at the Genting Arena (for oldies like me that’s the new name for the NEC) near Birmingham airport on Wednesday 25th January. The event starts at 7pm with the audience being allowed into the arena from 6pm. You will need to make your own way there (often families get together to car share) the choir go via bus (a big thanks to the PTA for paying for that which makes the trip free for the Choir).

I’ll send out more information about times/food requirements etc as the event approaches, but the main thing to know for now is that the earlier we can get a ticket order in the better the seats the families will have. If you aren’t attending we still need the form filled in (minus ticket order) as a permission slip for taking the children.

If you have any further questions please feel free to either comment on this blog, contact me through the Friends and Parents of Boughton Leigh Junior School facebook page or email me directly on gaskell.j1@welearn365.com

I hope that answers most of your queries and look forward to taking our wonderful choir to another amazing event!


All the best


Mr Gaskell

Welcome back!

Hi there guys, welcome back to the new term! I hope you are all ready for a great few months leading up to the Young Voices concert!

You can keep up to date with news and info here on the choir blog. If you have a question feel free to ask it by just commenting here, you don’t need to sign in!

The date for YV2017 is January 25th. More details of the day will come out later in the term but we’ll be sending a form for ordering tickets soon as the quicker we get the order in the better chance we have of getting good seats for you! Just remember that you don’t need to order a ticket for your child if they are taking part in the choir!

Right, enough for now!

Speak to you all soon


Mr G




Summer Show

So, the summer show is still going ahead and we have loads to learn.

If you check out the Google Drive you’ll find words, music files, youtube links etc to help with the process (and I’ve hopefully changed the link now so that you can access it without needing permission or signing in!!!)

Links for youtube versions:



Mr G

Summer show and more

Just a quick note to let you know what’s happening. Firstly a big thank you to many parents who have offered their help. Some have already been drafted in, for others it is just a matter of time. I really am very appreciative of your offers!

Casting is starting to happen. I’m dealing with key characters first and asking individual children if they fancy the challenge. The plus point with these shows is there isn’t as much script to learn as the songs tell the story themselves so taking a little longer over the casting process isn’t such an issue. Be patient, I’m working as fast as I currently can.

News for the future: I have booked our place at Young Voices 2017! 75 children’s places at the moment. Can’t wait!

Audition results

hi guys. Just a quick note. Due to unforeseen circumstances I’m not going to be in school for most of this week and so the audition results/cast lists will be delayed until next week. Trust me, I am really sorry about this for many reasons.

See you all soon,

Mr G

Young Voices Jan 15th 2016

Well, it’s nearly Christmas and I hope you’ve managed to sort more presents than I have!

As the Young Voices concert happens on the second week back after the Christmas break I thought I’d let you know some of the details about the show and the day in general.

We will be leaving school around midday and travelling in two coaches to the Genting Arena. The children will need to bring a packed lunch and tea (I suggest plenty of ‘grazing’ food) in a plastic bag so that we can dispose of all rubbish. They will also need plenty of drink (preferably water) in plastic bottles as no glass or cans are allowed inside the venue (and yes, they do check). If your child has free school meals then we will provide a packed lunch but they will still need something for tea and more to drink!

We rehearse from 2pm until around 5pm before breaking for tea (lunch will be eaten before rehearsal starts). The show itself will start around 7pm and finish at 9pm. The children will then travel back to school on the buses to be collected from the school gates! We usually arrive back between 10 and 10:30pm.

If you have bought tickets for the show they will arrive at school the week before the show and be sent out ASAP.

I hope this covers most things but if you have any other questions please feel free to contact me through the choir blog or via email on Gaskell.j1@welearn365.com. If I have invited you to join us for the day on this trip can you please contact me to confirm you are still available.

Many thanks and have a great Christmas.


Mr Gaskell


Hi there,

Just a quick note to explain, for those who have not been before, how the whole Young Voices concert works. You should have received a letter last week with a ‘tickets order’ section and a permission slip (it also has other parts to do with t-shirts and torches, don’t worry about those) that needs to be completed and returned as soon as possible. As far as tickets are concerned you only need to purchase a ticket for anyone who is coming to watch the concert, not for the children taking part and the show we are taking part in is on the 15th January. Payment for the tickets is also required before we can place an order. I am intending to put the first ticket order in in two weeks.

We will be getting back to school, after the show, at around 10 – 10:30 pm and your child will need collecting at that point. If you are going to the show it is common for us to get back before you do! Don’t worry, we’ll wait with the children until they are collected!

A quick reminder that you can download all the words, backing tracks and dance moves for the show here!

I have also attached a copy of the ticket form below.

Ticket Form

Young Voices 2015/16

So, we’re getting ready for Young Voices 2016 which for us will be on Friday 15th January 2015. We will be sending out forms to order tickets shortly!


But first let’s get to know the tunes! You can find all the songs, words and dance moves here 

It’s a google drive area and should allow you to download the tunes to your mp3 device and get the whole family singing along!

Any problems just comment here and I’ll get back to you.


Mr G


Speak Brother video

Hi there everyone, I hope the summer holiday is treating you well. Fancy a day out being a pop star? Well Speak Brother are recording the video for When Lions Roar and are looking for the singers who helped record the track to appear, with their families, in the video.

It’s all happening on Saturday afternoon. If you’d like to take part drop me a line through gaskell.j1@welearn365.com and I’ll let you know the details.


Further news is that I have now got the tracks for Young Voices and they’re looking and sounding great. Can’t wait to get started on them with the BLJS Choir of 2015/16!

And now, the end is near…..

Don’t panic! Choir will be back next term! I already have the songs for Young Voices and they’re sounding great! It’ll be complete Madness (now there’s a hint!)

The main point behind this post though is to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in the Oliver & Matilda shows last week. The performances were awesome! I was so proud of all the children (and staff) from those with major roles to those who gave it everything in support! You were all stars!

If anyone has photos or videos of the night that they can email me I’d greatly appreciate it. I’d like to put together a little AV presentation for the website and school TV system! You can mail me at gaskell.j1@welearn365.com

Big thanks to the parents for your continued support and we look forward to entertaining you further in the future.

Finally a big thank you and good luck to all the year 6 choir members who’ll be leaving us. I wish you all the best at your secondary schools and I hope to get the opportunity to see you taking part in even bigger shows.

As for now, I think we all deserve the summer break! Have a great 7 weeks and I’ll see you in September to prepare for Young Voices!

All the best,


Mr G

11209482_10207027270910462_3164085339855802968_n 11741272_10153422269400309_5130218806842098735_o

Cast Lists (so far!)

Choir Show.

Ok. About half way through the worst job in the world! Below are the current character lists for Olive and Matilda. This is not a complete list! There are more parts to be given out but I need to have seen the production of Matilda to know which parts are essential to the story line as well as having a better understanding of timings.

If you are not on this list please do not be disheartened or tempted to stop coming to choir/have a tantrum/start ignoring me! The parts for Fagin’s Boys as well as class members for Matilda are yet to be chosen.

Here we go:


Oliver: Aryan Misra/ +a.n.other

Dodger: Isabella Awang/Jas Cosgrove

Nancy:Annie Jenkins/Evie Awang

Fagin: Guest performer

Mr Bumble: Guest Performer


Parts to be decided:

2nd Oliver

Fagin’s Boys

Bill Sykes



Matilda: Mia Field/Qaliyah

Mr W: Henry Crane

Mrs W: Louisa VF

Miss Honey: Jenni Wesson/Martyna

Miss Trunchbull: Guest Performer

Barelinas: Lexie Mc, Jaymie LS

Miracle Children: Abigail Green, Mia Barnard, Dina Parmenter, Katy Howells (others to be added!)


Parts to be decided:

Classmates – eg Bruce, Lavender etc

Escapologist & Acrobat

Various parents for Miracle




Other parts will be ‘sorted’ after Easter and there are many ‘one song’ parts to sort!!

Summer Show

Firstly can I just say a big thank you to all the children, staff and parents that made YV2015 such a success. It was a fantastic experience and I am pleased to say that the boss has demanded that we do it all again next year!


So, what now? Well having been bullied.. sorry, persuaded by parents the choir has decided to once again put on a summer spectacular. Following on from our ‘Evening on the West End’ last year we are going to be celebrating ‘Children in the West End’ this summer. More information and ticket details will be released later.

However, we are starting the audition process after half term. Children who would like a solo part are being asked to audition either ‘When I Grow Up’ or ‘Naughty’ (both from Matilda) using the lyrics track available on you tube. Year 5 and 6 will be auditioning on Feb 24th and/or March 2nd and year 3 & 4 on the 25th and 26th of March. All auditions will take place at lunchtime in the ICT room. If it’s anything like last year this will be a very difficult process for me as I know it will disappoint some!

Have a great half term and see you back at school safe and sound and ready to rock!


Mr G


Tuesday 13 January the people who go chior went to young voices to sing eight songs we practised.Before the show we had ate our packed lunch because we were all hungry on the coach and all exciting.There was alot of children there and alot of parents it was very sweaty there the place was crowed with lots of people. Thats what happened at young voices on the 13.

What an atmosphere!

lights out

Where are our parents?

Ok. A bit like spot the ball or Where’s Wally! Can you spot our parents?



Getting going

And we’re off! Video of Mr T warming up will follow!


we’ve arrived!


Using the blog!

Hi there people, I hope you’re all well and had a fab Christmas and New Year!

It’s been brought to my attention that some people are having a few issues using the blog, in particular commenting on posts to share info or ask questions. Firstly you don’t need to log in (although the choir has a username and password). If you press on the post title you will be able to comment at the bottom just follow the details.

I have had a parent contact me suggesting a ‘car share’ approach to get to and from the concert. If you are interested in this, or would like to offer spare car seats, please comment below or email me on gaskell.j1@welearn365.com and I will happily put you in touch with each other!

All the best,

Mr G

YV concert information

Well here we go! The all important info about the Young Voices concert!

To start with let’s deal with the timings!

We will be leaving school around mid day and take our buses over to the LG and eat our dinner on arrival. The children will rehearse from 2pm until 5pm when they will then have their tea. The children are expected back in their seats by 6pm and the show itself will start at 7pm. The concert itself will finish at 9:15pm when the audience will make their way home and once they have left the auditorium the children will be able to get back to the buses and return to school. I expect we will get back to school around 10:15 –10:30pm. All the children will return on the buses, there is no option to try and collect your child at the venue!

As you can see there are two meals which the children will need food for! Therefore each child will need enough food for two packed lunches and plenty of drinks to get through the day. If your child receives free school meals then a packed lunch will be provided but you will need to provide a packed tea for them. Sandwiches, fruit and snack items are all good. Sweets and E number filled snacks are not! With regards to drinks, water is the best option along with squash or juice. Fizzy drinks will not a: travel well and b: be good for the children’s voices. The children will need plenty to drink as singing for the length of time they will be is tiring work. The venue will not allow glass bottles in and I would prefer not to bring any food bits back so if you can ensure that everything is disposable (e.g. not lunch boxes or school water bottles) and packed in a plastic bag that would be appreciated.

The children are expected to wear their school uniform as the Young Voices people like all the choir to have white shirts on. The children can bring small LED style lights (not torches) which will create a starlight effect they do not need to bring any money as there is nothing for them to buy!

I think that covers everything but if you should have any questions then please feel free to drop the school an email or use the choir blog to get in touch with me directly (this letter will be posted there and you can comment on it to ask questions) which you will find online at choir.bljsblogs.net.

All the best and I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and a peaceful new year.

Mr G

Young Voices & Happy Christmas

Hi there guys! Hope you’re all gettting excited about Christmas!

Just a quick reminder that we are practicing on Monday (15th December) and then it’s over to you lot to keep heading to the young voices site and the school website to practice the songs and the moves!

I’ll get a letter out next week with the details of what’s going to happen on the 13th Jan with times, food requirements etc. although, if I get time I’ll probably put everything up on here first!

See you all next week!


Mr G

Ticket Orders

Hi chaps, just a quicky to remind you that ticket orders for YV need to be in school by the end of this week. After that we cannot guarantee any tickets let alone ones sat with the other parents/carers from BLJS.

The second reminder is for a permission slip to allow me to take your child to the event. The choir members don’t need a ticket but I do need a little note to say you’re happy for them to attend. It’s a legal thing. Without a permission slip your child can’t take part.

Keep using the YV website and school website to practice the songs and dance moves. Not long now!




Mr G

Permission Slips

Hi there chaps. It’s getting close now! I really need your permission slips, or a letter saying it’s ok to take you. If you want any more info on the day check out the young voices site but the basics are that we will leave school around mid day and spend the whole afternoon rehearsing. The Show itself will start around 7pm and finish shortly after 9. The choir will return to school on the bus and get back around 10pm (traffic permitting) and the children can be collected from outside the school gates.

Keep learning the words and those dance moves!


Mr G

Reply Slips

Just a quick reminder that all reply slips and/or ticket request should have been in by the end of this half term!

If you haven’t, don’t panic…. yet! The permission slip is at the bottom of the ticket form and should be returned ASAP. The first ticket order will be going in during half term, however the lovely ladies in the office will be doing a second order shortly after the break.

If you need a new form please go to the office and collect one from there.




Mr G

Log In To Young Voices

Ok, so it’s all getting serious now as we work hard to be ready for Young Voices 2015! Thanks for all your work so far and I’m sure you’re all keen to be learning those all important dance moves! Oh yes!

So you’ll need to go to http://www.youngvoices.co.uk/welcome/resources select the choir resources and enter youngvoiceschoir as both the username and password (it does work, I’ve checked! So if ‘it won’t let you in’ then it’s your fault!!!) You can always post on here if you have problems!

The dance moves videos are through vimeo by the looks of things and can be found after all the music tracks!

I’m looking forward to seeing you shaking your stuff at choir practice!




Mr G

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Commit these tips to memory and then delete them. They will self-destruct anyway if this blog exhibits any signs of being boring.

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